HF Linear Amplifier

10-160m incl. WARC

The well-know Explorer 1000 has recently been up-grated and given a face-lift. The new model is now the Explorer 1200.

The Explorer 1200 uses two 3-500ZG valves in grounded grid configuration and along with the new 1.2KVA toroidal transformer gives continous operating for long periods, even on RTTY.

Features :

- New control pcb incorporating Soft-start, ALC, metering and biasing circuits and antenna relays.

- Soft-start eliminates the high switch-on current that most amplifiers suffer from, but more important the cold resistance of the directly heated cathode is pre-warmed before the full 5 volts is applied.

- Pre-tuned input circuits are incorporated on each band so your transceiver sees a 50 ohm input load on each band.

- Cooling is achieved using a Papst fan which passes a lot of air but is quiet in operation.

- Internal PSU means the whole unit is self-contained.

- ALC adjustable from the front panel so your transceiver gives the correct amount of drive for a selected maximum O/P from the amplifier.


220 - 240 V 50-60 Hz @ 12A


12V @ 150 mA


10-130 Watts

Output Power

100 - 1300+ Watts (RMS)


W 410mm. H 245mm. D 430mm.

W 16in. H 9.5in D 17in.


30 kg.