Antenna type Broadband active antenna for communication purposes
Frequency 10 KHz- 30 MHz
Impedance Nom. 50 ohms
Polarization Vertical
Horizontal cover. Omni-directional
Antenna Factor Typ. 0.15mV outpout in 50 ohms by a field strength of 1mV/m
1dB compression point Typ. occuring at a field strength of 7V/m from an interfering signal
Cross modulation 20dB cross modulation attenuation typically occuring at a field strength

of 5V/m from an interfering source

Intermodulation IP2 > 55dBm

IP3 > 25dBm

Max. Allowed field strength 90 V/m
Amplifier protection Spark gap, surge arrester and opposed protective diodes
Operating voltage 24 V DC
Power consumption Approx. 10 watts
Temp. Range -30°c > +60°c
Connector N-Female
Total Height Approx. 0.92m
Weight Approx. 1.0 Kg
Mounting On flat surfaces such as deck or roof or on 30-45mm mast

tube using accessory item "SM-MA" (not included)

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