A new fixed VHF from Icom, now with GMDSS capability. As you would expect from Icom the IC-M59Euro is manufactured to the highest standard and offers ease of use for this most important aid to safety.

The IC-M59Euro is fully approved for use in Europe. In its GMDSS version it is approved to Class F.


Clearly labeled switches provide instant access to channel 16 and the call channel as well as numerous functions. In addition, the rotary selector makes channel selection quick and positive. The function display provides visual confirmation of selected channels and functions with large, easy-to-understand characters. For convenient nighttime operation, display and control backlighting with an auto OFF function is available.


The American IC-M59 version features weather alert function. This safety feature automatically locks onto signals broadcast by the NOAA warning of emergency weather conditions. Unfortunately this service is not available within Europe.


Selectable dual/tri-watch

Scan list technology now utilises a 'tagging' system for easy selection of popular channels.

Power saver function to conserve battery power while operating under anchor

One-touch selection of channel 16 and programmable call channel

Low voltage indicator warns of a low battery voltage condition

Selectable output powers of 25 W and 1 W

Time-out timer that prevents accidental, continuous transmissions

Optional UT-79 VOICE SCRAMBLER UNIT provides 128 analog scramble codes for private communications ( In some countries, this function is not available, since radio law varies according to countries. Available where permitted by law).

4 levels of display backlighting.


The IC-M59Euro is GMDSS compatible. In Europe it not a mandatory requirement to fit GMDSS equipment unless your vessel is over 300 GRT, but for the leisure and pleasure sailor who wants to be ensured of maximum safety in European waters the IC-M59Euro can be easily upgraded to Class F.

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