Smallest in its class with crystal clear audio
This 760 COM channel transceiver is loaded with features, yet simple to operate
Compact size, simple operation
Previous portable air band transceivers weren't so "portable." The IC-A3/E ushers in a new era in compact portability (see specifications on reverse side for exact dimensions). But don't let its size fool you, design ingenuity has produced a portable with superior high audio output-audio that's easy to hear even without a headset! Ergonomic keypad design provides convenient access to all functions and a rotary control allows quick tuning of channels.
Built-in sidetone function with optional headset
The sidetone function allows the use of a simple low cost headset adapter to monitor your transmitted audio.
AIphanumeric display with large, easy-to-read characters
6-character alphanumeric notes can be used for convenient display of airport names, call signs, etc. for up to 50 memories. When you want to view frequencies instead, toggling between the two display types is a snap. In addition, lockout information can be programmed into memories for scanning purposes

And more...
  • One-touch selection of the 121.5 MHz emergency frequency
  • LCD and keypad backlighting for nighttime operation
  • Versatile scanning capabilities
  • DC connector allows operation with a 12 to 1 5 V DC power source
  • Powerful 5 W of output power (5 W P. E. P. typ., 1.5 W carrier typ.)
  • FET power module provides stable operation at high duty cycles
  • Rugged die-cast aluminum chassis and polycarbonate casing
  • ANL (automatic noise limiter) function to reduce pulse-type noise
  • Low battery indicator


Frequency range (MHz) : Tx/Rx 118-136.975
Mode : Tx/Rx AM (6K00A3E)
Channel spacing : 25 kHz
Current drain (at 12 V DC, typical) : Tx 1.OA Rx rated audio squelched 240 mA 55 mA
Operating temperature range : -10C to +50C (+14F to +122F)
Frequency stability : 20 ppm (-10C to +50C)
Weight : 465g ; 16.4 oz (w/CM-1 66 and antenna)

Output power : 5.0 W (PEP) 1.5 W (Carrier)
Modulation system : Low level modulation
Spurious emissions : Less than -60 dB

Intermediate frequencies : 1st 35.8 MHz 2nd 455 kHz
Sensitivity (for 6 dB &/N) : Less than 1.0 V
Squelch sensitivity (at threshold) : Less than 1.0 V
Selectivity : More than 8 kHz/-6 dB Less than 25 kHz/-60 dB
Noise and hum : More than 25 dB
Spurious response rejection ratio : More than 60 dB
Audio output power : 600 mW with an 8 load
The IC-A3/E meets MIL-STD requirement and strict environmental standards for shock (MIL 810 C, D, E) and vibration (MIL 810 C, D, E)

CM-166 Ni-Cd BATTERY PACK 12 V, 600 mAh rechargeable battery pack provides 5 hours of operation (at a duty cycle of 5 : 5 : 90 / Tx : Rx : standby). The same as supplied with the transceiver (not supplied with some versions).
CM-167 BATTERY CASE for R6 (AA) size 10 alkaline batteries.


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