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The IF-F310R/F410R repeaters were designed following the experience and needs of ours customers.
They are associating simple use and easy programming while they provide reliability and high-performance.
These equipments are allowing realizing a radio communication network with capability to tune separately receiver and transceiver. They offer various kinds of signalling (5tone, CTCSS) easy to install (single box), easy to connect and cheap.
To meet these requirements, we designed a unique metal cabinet, as small as possible, while containing the Power supply, the Procom diplexer, and of course the radio units.
The IF-F310R/F410R does not need external control logic, because the software is built in the radios, and use the existing processors, therefore reducing cost.
Concerning the heat dissipation, we choose to install a Fan, which allows for a real 24/24 hour operation if needed !
Capability to connect to the telephone network with the phone patch developed by ICOM FRANCE IF-IT4.
Using two mobiles has the effect of reducing maintenance problems, especially if radio units of the same model are also used for mobile operation in the network, the dealer has only ONE kind of radio parts to have in stock, and it is easy to replace a repeater radio in case of a repeater failure.
Many competitors offers repeaters, but either the diplexer is missing, either the power supply, either the logic board, in some cases all !

Main commercial specifications :
- 5 tone or CTCSS activation (CCIR, ZWEI, EEA standars)
- 8 repeater calls in 5 tone
- Tone squelch
- Deadlock
- T.O.T.
- Configurable temporizing ...

Technical specifications :
- Frequency range : 146 – 174 MHz (IF-F310R) and 440 – 470 MHz (IF-F410R)
- Dimensions : 29 x 36.5 x 13 cm
- Weight : 7 kg
- Output power : 10W / 25W (45W available for export version)
- Spacing channel : 12.5 KHz
- Sensitivity : 0.35µV for 12 dB Sinad
- Usable temperature range : -10°C - +55°C
- Power supply : 12V or 220V Some references of users of IF-F310R/F410R repeaters


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