The HF bands allow you to communicate over long distances covering many km even to the other side of the world. With the superior performance found in the IC-718 such as wide dvnamic range, high C/N ratio, and full duty operation you will find making these contacts easy. Experience the combination of the latest RF and digital technology, along with the size and simplified operation. You will see the IC-718 will be the most prqctical rig you will ever own

Front mounted loud speaker
The IC-718 has a speaker mounted on the front panel. With the speaker facing the operator, audio sounds can be clearly heard without impediment during operation. It is no longer necessary to manually increase the volume to try and capture audio sounds.

Superior basic performance
The IC-718 has 0.03-29.999999 MHz* general coverage receive capability. A 4-element system is employed for the 1st receive mixer, providing superior receive IMD, especially from in-band near-by interfering signals. A well-designed double-conversion system to help minimize image and spurious responses for better signal fidelity, is also built-in. A newly designed PLL circuit has been adopted to improve C/N ratio characteristics. The combination of the 4-element system mixer and new PLL circuit allows superior basic performance as that of a commercial grade transceiver. *Guaranteed range: 0.5-29.999999 MHz

Optional DSP capability
With the optional UT-106 installed you gain AF DSP* capabilities. The DSP includes the following to give you superior receive quality in your shack, vehicle or during DX' pedi-tion.
Noise reduction:
Pulls desired AF signals from noise. Outstanding S/N ratio is achieved, providing clean audio in SSB, AM and FM.

Automatic Notch filter:
This automatically minimizes beat signals and heterodynes while preserving the receive signal. Also, the notch frequency is automatically adjusted to follow interfering beat signals __ for example, reducing interference from RTTY signals during SSB operation.

VOX operation
A VOX (Voice operated transmission) is included with the IC-718. It provides handsfree operation by detecting audio signals from the microphone. It' s easy!
Flexible filter selection An optional IF filter can be installed into the transceiver to suit your operating preference.

High frequency stability
When the optional CR-338 HIGH STABILITY CRYSTAL UNIT is installed, you get a very high frequency stability of 0.5 ppm. Selectable antenna tuner Either the optional antenna tuner unit, AT-180 or AH-4 can be used with the IC-718 to suit your installing conditions, or operating style. Of course, the AH-4 control circuit is built into the IC-718. Simple

Frequency range : Tx/Rx 0.030-29.999999 MHz
No. of memory Ch. : 101 (99 regular, 2 scan edges)
Frequency resolution : 1 Hz
Frequency stability : Less than 200 Hz from 1 min. to 60 min. after power ON.
After that rate of stability less than 30 Hz/hr. at +25C (+77F).
Temperature fluctuations 0C to +50C (+32F to +122F) less than 350 Hz
Power supply requirement : 13.8 V DC 15 % (negative ground)
Current drain (at 13.8 V DC) : Receive Stand-by max. audio 1.3 A 2.0 A
Transmit max. power 20.0 A
Operating temp. range : -10C to +60C; +14F to +140F
Antenna connector : SO-239 (50)
Dimensions (projections not included) : 240(W) 95(H) 239(D) mm 9 7/16(W) 3 3/4(H) 9 13/32(D) in
Weight (approx.) : 3.8 kg; 8 lb 6 oz ACC connector : 13-pin REMOTE connector : 2-conductor 3.5 (d) mm (18")


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