IC-706 MK2G


The IC-706MKIIG carries on the '706' series tradition of base station performance and features in a mobile rig-sized package. Building on this legacy, frequency coverage is expanded to the 70 cm band and output power is increased for the 2 m band. A long list of enhancements, both to usability and performance, as well as added features and functions have produced the latest in the evolution of the '706' series.

HF to 70 cm band coverage
Operating frequency range has been expanded to the 70 cm band. Of course, all mode operation (SSB, CW, RTTY, AM and FM) is possible and a full 100W of output power is available for HF and 6m operation; 50W for 2m and 20W for 70cm operation.

High stability transmitter
MOS-FET power amplifiers are employed at the PA unit for all HF, 6m, 2m and 70cm bands. And, a one piece aluminum, diecast chassis with a large cooling fan is employed. This combination provides stable,high quality output with low IMD and low spurious emissions even during full duty cycle and extended operation

Illuminated keys and switches
Backlighting of keys and switches is a great help during nighttime operation.the intensity is even adjustable!

Tone squelch standard
Tone squelch operation is available in FM mode for basic signalling and quiet standby. Tone frequencies can be set independently for tone squelch (Tx/Rx) and repeater tones, and a range of 50 frequencies is available. A tone scan function is available to search for a repeater's access tone quickly and easily.

DSP features DSP capabilities are available*.
These include noise reduction and auto notch functions. Superior receive quality in your shack, vehicle or during DX' peditions. *AF DSP; UT-106 DSP UNIT required for some versions.


Frequency coverage :
Rx 0.030 - 199.000 MHz* 400 - 470.000 MHz*
Tx 1.800 - 1.999 MHz* 3.500 - 3.999 MHz* 7.000 - 7.300 MHz 10.100 - 10.150 MHz 14.000 - 14.350 MHz 18.068 - 18.168 MHz 21.000 - 21.450 MHz 24.890 - 24.990 MHz 28.000 - 29.700 MHz 50.000 - 54.000 MHz* 144.000 - 148.000 MHz* 430.000 - 450.000 MHz*
*Varies according to version.
Mode : USB, LSB, CW, RTTY(FSK), AM, FM, WFM (Rx only)
Number of memory ch. : 107 (99 regular, 6 scan edges, 2 call channels)
Antenna connector : SO-239 2 (for HF/50 MHz and 144/430 MHz)
Power supply requirement : 13.8 V DC 15% (negative ground)
Frequency stability : Less than 7 ppm from 1 min. to 60 min. after power on.
After that rate of stability less then 1ppm/hr. at +25C(+77F).
Temperature fiuctuations 0C to +50C(+32F to +122F)less than 5ppm.
Current drain : Tx Rx Max. power Standby Max. audio 20 A 1.8 A 2.0 A
Usable temp. range : -10C to +60C; +14F to +140F
Dimensions (projections not included) : 167(W) 58(H) 200(D) mm; 6 9/16(W) 2 9/32(H) 7 7/8(D) in
Weight : 2.45 kg; 5 lb 6 oz
CI-V connector : 2-conductor 3.5 (d) mm (1/8") ACC connector : 13-pin