New in the PTC-IIpro:
New, more powerful 24 bit DSP running at 100 MHz with a computing power of 100 MIPS (max.)
2 MB static RAM.
New high quality case.
Built-in audio amplifier. Simply connect your favorite speaker and use the PTC-IIpro as audio denoiser.
The volume is controlled by software!
Highly stable temperature-compensated oscillator. Makes your PACTOR-II connection even more stable!
New transceiver control port supports transceiver with TTL and V24 interface out of the box!
Silicon serial number. To easily identify your unit in case of theft (e.g.).
Reduced power consumption! Only 200 mA at 13.8 Volt.
Software controlled power off function. The new OFF command turns the unit off. Any character sent to the PTC-IIpro over the serial interface will switch it on again.

Standard features:
PSK31 With spectroscope display on the tuning display.
SSTV All different kinds of SSTV. Useable with nearly all available software. Special JVComm32 mode!
FAX Including AM-FAX for Meteosat.
Audio denoiser/filter. The PTC-IIpro is fully usable as DSP-filter for all modes. Features: Auto-peak, auto-notch, passband-filter, inversion, delay-line, function-generator.
CW-Terminal CW-operation (RX and TX) with automatic speed adaption using high performance DSP-algorithms.
Three simultaneously available communication ports: HF and up to two VHF/UHF Packet ports.
Separate transceiver control port for remote operation of Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu, R&S and SGC equipment.
32-bit system with Motorola 68360 as CPU, clocked at 25 MHz.
24-bit Motorola DSP 56303 clocked at up to 100 MHz (computing power: 100 MIPS)
Firmware stored in flash memory. Easy update via serial RS232 link to the PC. The update is free of charge and available from many Packet-Radio mailboxes and from this Internet site.
Mark and space frequencies are freely programmable in 1 Hz steps.
Audio output-levels for all PSK- and FSK-modes programmable seperately.
Build-in mailbox with comprehensive features and simultaneous access from allmodes (PACTOR-I & II, AMTOR, PACKET).
Programmable squelch function for RTTY operation.
Battery backup for the clock and C-MOS RAM. No mail-loss when switched off.
Mail display at the frontpanel shows the operator at once if there is a new mail for him.
Excellent tuning display with 15 2-color-LEDs with center-function. The antique X-Y-tube display is not required any more.
All significant link and controller stati are displayed at the frontpanel with 2-color LEDs and on the terminal-screen.
10-character dot-matrix-display for mode and other parametes as the callsign of a connecting station and much more.
Channel-busy detection displayed on the PTC-display as well as on the terminal-screen.
Comprehensive filtering of all in- and outputs for excellent electromagnetic compatibility.
HF <--> VHF/UHF gateway and crossband digipeating with comprehensive and automated link establishment features from remote.
Hostmode, extended hostmode, CRC-hostmode. Full compatible to nearly all modern PC programs.
Fully integratable in FBB/Winlink networking and mailing systems.

Commercial Version

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